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Energy Systems Engineering Department

The department of Energy Systems Engineering currently runs an HND and BTECH in Renewable Energy Systems Engineering. These programmes aim at Competency-Based training approach to prepare engineers to design and implement energy systems for innovative applications by acquiring strengths in the engineering discipline, and science, and understanding the critical role of the environment and economic factors in energy systems.The programme aims to systematically and effectively train personnel in the exploitation of alternative energy sources and in the efficient utilization and conservation of available resourcesIt is a programme applied to reality, which will help and make it easy for the student to enter the professional field after graduation.  It also reduces the gap between theory at the Polytechnic and its application in a future job.The programme is designed with specific inputs from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering with focus on Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Bio-Energy Production and Utilization, Hydro Power and Environmental Technology.

We have four research focus areas or groups:

  • Bio-energy production and utilization
  • Solar energy research group
  • Wind energy and Hydro energy production and utilization
  • Waste to energy technology development.

These research areas are linked to the Renewable Energy curriculum so that the student can benefit from the research expertise within the various research groups.

Programme facts:

  • BTech Renewable Energy Systems Engineering
    • Degree awarded: BTech Renewable Energy Systems Engineering
    • Language for tuition: English
    • Duration: Two years
    • Pace of study: Weekend
    • Start date: August/September
  • HND Renewable Energy Systems Engineering.
    • Degree awarded: HND Renewable Energy Systems Engineering
    • Language for tuition: English
    • Duration: Three years
    • Pace of study: Full time/Regular
    • Start date: August/September