The potential of using the energy in water to generate electricity cannot be overemphasized. Hydro-electric power generation remain the core source of electricity in Ghana. Though the same cannot be said for developed countries which depend largely on nuclear, thermal and coal; hydro power represents a safe haven from the environmental perspective. Hydro power generation is considered as a renewable energy source since the input, water, is always replenished through the hydrological cycle.

 The Renewable Energy Systems Engineering programme is designed to enable the prospective student comprehend the techniques in generating electricity from water. There are three courses fused in the curriculum which covers the area of hydro power generation and its technical systems. In the first year, prospective students will learn how hydro power is generated and its ramifications. Additional courses offered in the second year of study delves into large technical systems which provides knowledge in techniques and devices used in the smooth transmission and distribution of electricity to end users. There are laboratory sections where theorems and principles are tested.